Thursday, April 14, 2016

Pinterest is not a happy place

  I'm just going to come right out an say it. Pinterest sucks. It makes you feel inadequate with your non-Olaf shaped baked goods at the school's 100th bake sale. I've been Googling "what to eat with braces?" trying to find healthy nutritious food that are easy to eat with braces. What I'm finding is advice on encouraging a fussy tween "use fancy glassware for smoothies!", artfully cut fruit on skewers (already have enough weaponry in my mouth thank you), and suggesting that I eat carrot ribbons for lunch. None of these are helpful.

  When I had braces the first time at 12 years old I didn't mind eating pudding for every meal. Now I'm the one preparing meals that I can't even eat. It's not fun. I need meal ideas for tasty food, that pretends to be crunchy while I can chew it with the rounded stumps of my bite blockers. Bacon flavoured foods with no actual hint of bacon that I need to grind up. I want soup ideas that my picky 6 year old will eat without any offending "green stuff" in it. Until such a page is found, there's going to be a lot quiche and mashed potatoes going on in my house.

Oh and I refuse to put any sort of meat in a blender. I'm not that desperate for meal ideas.

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